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A new way to find your soulmate, or your best mate 一种新的方式找到你的爱

Kiss hugs lets you connect with someone you like at first sight.

A kiss or hug, you choose

Not love at first sight? Then just hug. Who knows what may happen.

Know where you stand

No need to wonder what they think, know exactly how the other person feels.

You dont need to wait

No time delay, start finding friends, or finding love and find it right now.

Friendship or Romance, you choose 友谊或爱情

Kiss Hugs lets you connect to people around your city and neighbourhood.


Be direct, tell them a kiss is what you want.


Rather not play tongue hockey? Thats fine, maybe they didnt want to either. Why not hug it out.

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Connect to people instantly 连接到人瞬间

Download Kisshugs, sign up via Facebook and away you go.


Get started talking instantly.

Find love near you

Select where you want to find a friend or find love? From 1 mile away to 1000 miles away.



A kiss or a hug icon shows you exactly what they are thinking

Its Free

Its hard enough finding a great friend or the love of your life, we dont make it harder.